First High Flow & High Performance

Drinking Water System

• User Friendly Flow Rate 1.5 gpm Use for:
Drinking, cooking, ice, food prep, pot filling

(300% more flow rate than the competitors)
• Easy to Maintain:

Just one cartridge to replace annually

(base on average usage and incoming water


Superior Performance & Convenient

With Alwaysfresh Drinking Water Systems, your family will enjoy the benefits of "Water the Way You Want It" for drinking, hot or cold beverages, rinsing fruits and vegetables, filtering ice, filling pots, and more!


• Exclusive Quick Change Cartridge
• Certified performance
• Filter Protection - Silver Zeolite to keep filter fresh 
• High Flow - 1.5 gpm
• High Performance.
• 500 Gallon Rated Capacity 
• Limescale Control ANNUAL Cartridge Change

Reduces/Reduction of: 
Volatile Organic Chemicals 
MTBE Gasoline Additive 
TTHM's Disinfection by-products
Lead, Cysts, Turbidity 
Chlorine & Chloramines 
1/2 Micron Filtration


• Exclusive Quick Change Cartridge
• Certified Performance
• Filter protection: Silver Zeolite to keep filter fresh
• Standard flow .75 gpm Performance
• 1000 gallon rated capacity
• Limescale Control 
• ANNUAL Cartridge Change

•Reduces/Reduction of: 
1/2 Micron Filtration


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