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Since 1983, Waterline Technology, has established a network of Authorized Distributors & Dealers to Sell, Service & Display a full line of Drinking Water Systems and products that also heat, chill, dispense and brew quality water and beverages for residential and light commercial markets.

In 2007, Waterline began manufacturing the First Certified Drinking Water Systems that could be installed inline to the existing cold sink faucet without sacrificing the quality of filtered water. With both a high flow system, that dispenses the filtered water at a rate of 1.5 gpm, and standard flow .75 gpm system they eliminate the need for separate dispensing taps in most homes and offices. The standard flow system does require a separate tap if installed in the kitchen sink location.

The High Flow system is designed to service multiple water using appliances and or additional cold sink locations. All dealers and distributors are trained on our products and receive continual training from our field sales personnel. Most offer displays in their showrooms that you can visit an learn more first hand about the products. You can purchase from our authorized accounts or purchase online on this site. Both options are almost the same. Our accounts get credit for the sale so you can receive the local service you expect and demand. Plus you are assured that the products are genuine and the companion products have been carefully selected to work with our systems.


Education is your key to selection of the right drinking water system for your family or business.

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Waterline offers the Competitive Product Rebate (CPR) program to easily upgrade to our High Flow system. This program will provide you with an additional replacement cartridge FREE. This is a $140.75 value shipped directly from Waterline to your home. Just purchase your High flow system from the local dealer and complete form. Its that simple. *Enrollment in the ACDP required.

We also offer the Automatic Cartridge Delivery Program (ACDP). Have your replacement cartridge delivered to your door at least once per year or at your requested interval while saving 15% on each cartridge. This program guarantees the price through your enrollment period, and grants you an extended lifetime warranty on the base system. There is no enrollment fee and you can cancel at any time with a simple phone call, email, fax or note. Its simple and easy.

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