Replacement Cartridge Program

RCRS: Replacement Cartridge Reminder Service:
Waterline will send you a reminder letter at the frequency of maintenance, recommended by Alwaysfresh, to all registered consumers in our database. If you need to updated your information, or to enroll for this service, just click here.

ACDP: Automatic Cartridge Delivery Program:
Waterline offers this service for customers who wish to have the cartridge(s) for their system shipped at the frequency and interval of their choice. Customers can enroll for up to 3 years and receive a 15% savings off cartridges and lock in the Retail Price for the full 3 years. So, if you are the type that forgets to order, enroll in this program by clicking here.

Purchase Locally:

Use our dealer locator to find the authorized dealer nearest your home. Call or stop by to pick up your replacement cartridge(s).


If you have an Everpure system, use our cross reference guide below to choose the correct product for your existing unit.

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