What are the Benefits?

Water……the universal solvent …… that supports all life on our planet!

Over 2/3rds of the earth's surface is made up of water. While most is in our oceans and polar ice caps, only about 1% is used to support life on land. This 1% is used over and over again as a result of the hydrologic cycle.

Greater than 80% of the population obtains their water from a Public (municipal supplied) source(s). It could be surface or well and is subjected to further treatment to meet the Safe Drinking Water Act.

While this congressional mandate act has done much to improve the quality and safety of water……. many wonder if it is enough.

The consumers who have their own Private water source (wells, lakes, ponds, etc) will typically have it approved as a potable water source by their local health department. These consist of limited test(s), (typically bacterial) with very minimal additional testing requirements over the life of these systems.

Over 50,000,000,000 gallons of water are produced everyday, under these guidelines. It is estimated that less than 1% of the water produced daily is used for human consumption. Due to the economics it is near impossible to provide the quality of water that a certified drinking water system can produce for your life support water needs.

Environmental factors affecting the quality of our water from various sources can have long term health affects. Many consumers realize the best approach to insuring they obtain the highest quality water is be proactive and further treat their water to reduce these environmental factors that result in adverse health issues.

Waterline Technology is dedicated to providing consumers improvement to their “life support water” with innovative and cost effective treatment products. Products that are certified under industry standards and tested by third party agencies to give our customers peace of mind knowing they are getting the quality of water they expect after installing one of our systems.

Education is your key to selection of the right drinking water system for your family or business.

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